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Because of the new diversified research, nowadays the appreciation of cold-pressed rapeseed oil is getting higher and higher. It has been common to keep the olive oil as the number one but indeed the native Finnish rapeseed oil has even better fatty acid composition. New researches suggest there to be connection between rapeseed oil and the prevention of depression. This is indeed logical since the essential fatty acids are needed in the normal functioning of brains and nervous system.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is a gently compressed virgin oil. This means that the compression has been made without any chemical solvents nor a high temperature. The ground remnant of the seed is used in the feeding of stock which means that the material of the whole seed is utilized.


Cold-pressed rapeseed oil contains about 95 % of unsaturated fatty acids of which about 30 % are essential fatty acids, linoleic and alfa-linolenic acid. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil contains about 60 % monounsaturated fatty acids which were shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer with 45 % in a Swedish research. This study was made in the Karolinska Institute and over 60 000 women attended it. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil contains also plenty of vitamin E (30 mg/ 100g). With a table spoon of rapeseed oil, you can get about half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E.

The nutritional value of cold-pressed rapeseed oil is best preserved when it is used eg in salad dressings. But indeed, you can use it also in baking and in cooking as the cold-pressed rapeseed oil tolerates the heating relatively well.

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